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Lawn Care Services in Wayne, NJ

Wayne nj lawn maintenance

Don't wait to get a quote from Bear Brook Landscaping in Wayne. Our local landscaping company offers a complete range of lawn care services for your home or business at competitive rates!

When you choose our residential or commercial lawn care services, whether it's weekly maintenance, shrub trimming, snow plowing, fertilizing, or anything else, you'll enjoy dependable service from experienced professionals.

We offer free estimates for all of our lawn care services, so don't hesitate to call if you're located in Wayne or our other service areas!

Weekly Maintenance

A good weekly maintenance program can keep your yard looking impressive and improve the health of your lawn, shrubs, and plants. If you set up a weekly maintenance program, our lawn care services can give you a beautiful new curb appeal to showcase your home.

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Seasonal Cleanups in Wayne

Are you tired of the endless raking and bagging of leaves and debris in your yard? Our staff of professionals can take care of the seasonal cleanups for you instead! Seasonal cleanups offer you many benefits such as preventing lawn disease, fungus, mold, and destructive pests.

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Wayne Shrub Trimming

Since deciduous shrubs require maintenance pruning to keep them healthy and in scale with their surroundings, we understand the natural "habit" or shape of all types of shrubs. We know how to shape them beautifully and keep them healthy throughout the shrub trimming.

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Mulching Services in Wayne

There are many ways we can improve the beauty and health of your plants, flowers, and yard. Mulching offers all the benefits you need to make your landscape beautiful and keep moisture in the ground for your trees, shrubs, and plants. It also helps to prevent weeds in the garden beds.

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Wayne Snow Plowing

We have the equipment and manpower to take care of large commercial and industrial snow plowing projects in Wayne, Fairfield, Little Falls, and our other service areas. Call us today to reserve your spot before winter arrives!

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Ice Management

While we love the winter wonderland and enjoy skating on frozen ponds, ice can be slippery and dangerous. Clearing it off all sidewalks, walkways, and driving surfaces is important. Don't let the ice keep you stuck in your house or make you close down your business until it's removed!

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7-Step Fertilizer Program

Our unique 7-Step Fertilizer Program is the perfect option for any home! Revitalize your lawn with our premium lawn care program. Our process includes crabgrass control, balanced fertilizer, spot treatments of weeds, correction of soil PH, aeration, seeding, and a lot more!

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Commercial Lawn Care

Maintaining a commercial landscape can be a lot of work, and if you’re like most Wayne business owners, you might not necessarily have the time to do everything yourself. If you need a professional landscaping company that can provide you with the commercial lawn care services you need to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and thriving!

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If you're looking for a lawn care company in the Wayne area, please call us today at 973-890-7200 or complete our request service form.