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7-Step Fertilizer Program in Wayne New Jersey

  1. Dimension - crab grass prevention
  2. Dimension - crab grass prevention
  3. Allectus + fert- grub and insecticide
  4. All natural organic fertilizer 16-2-3
  5. All natural organic fertilizer 16-2-3
  6. Aeration and over seeding
  7. Lime

Each app is every 6 weeks with post emergent spot treatments in between to control broadleaf weeds. 2 rounds of dimension + fert to prevent crab grass 1 round of allectus + fert for insects and then 2 rounds of all organic and organic matter fertilizer 16-2-3. Each round occurs every 4-6weeks total of 5 rounds of chem. Then round #6 aeration and over seed if needed. Round #7 lime

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